5 Of the Worst Menswear Fashion Patterns Ever


Menswear fashion patterns change all the time, from intense, vivid patterns to more basic block colours, it's hard to maintain. However, not all these trends have actually been the most visually kindlying, and some have actually been downright foolish. This post will cover the worst menswear fashion trends we have actually seen, from dreadful 80's mistakes you would rather forget and modern day disasters that are best prevented.


The Worst Shoe Ever

Crocs have an ugly design that is too square and large, and come in a variety of revolting colours, from sickly green to rank pink. This dreadful shoe pattern will ideally be forgotten about quickly, and never ever be pointed out once more indian wedding dresses .


The Ugliest Kind of Suits

In the 1980's, a pattern emerged in the United Kingdom that must have baffled numerous other countries; the dreadful shell suit. These polyester monstrosities were worn by guys throughout the county, normally in a range of brilliant colours and materials. While originally marketed as sport training wear, they ended up being a mainstay of lots of people's wardrobes in the 80's and into the 90's, and are probably a part of British history that we need to eliminate from the school books.


Bring up Those Jeans!

Originating in United States jail systems - were prisoners were avoided from utilizing belts - this odd fashion pattern of letting your trousers fall down your waist has penetrated deep into modern culture. From Justin Bieber to Lil Wayne, everyone seems to need to buy a belt these days. This appearance is gradually dying out, with smarter, designer menswear ending up being significantly popular on the high street every day.


Bell-Bottom Disasters

During the 60's and the 'summer of love', a revolution occurred with the creation of the subculture. The word 'hippie' entered the popular lexicon, and fashions were transformed, with flowers, beads and tie-dye appearing everywhere. Among these brand-new fashions was a flared pant, which was in fact first worn by sailors in the 19th century. They most likely should have remained in the 19th century, as they were not only unflattering, however looked absurd.


The Ultimate Fashion Faux Pas

Sandals with socks are possibly the greatest fashion mistake that still so many men make year upon year! This has actually been a disliked trend since whoever initially developed this awful mix. Please, everyone, if you are going to use shoes leave your socks at home!


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Extremely Wonderful

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